Soulful (Mental Health)


Decriminalising suicide attempt is the first and righteous step in inclusive mental health care in India maybe, but there still remains an awful lot of work to complete before the State and Society can rest easy. Mental Health care being a neglected sphere... Read more

Depression: More Than Sadness, Less Than the End

“I feel devastated, hollow and purposeless; I am at a loss to undertake even the most mundane of daily chores”. This was how Ms. Anita Bhatia (name changed) of Bangalore described herself  to me after facing a recent ordeal... Read more

Self harm-Why we need to talk about it

That Mental health is affecting the daily chores and productivity of people in today’s society is increasingly alarming mental health professionals world over... Read more

Suicide can be prevented

India’s Parliament decriminalised <> suicide on 27th March 2017 - reasoning that those attempting suicide are too stressed and are far from inflicting pain on others or committing crime... Read more