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Human wildlife conflict in the emerging economies of the South is the very epitome of the conservation quotient. Its manifestations – taxman’s dilemma between tax payers’ claim to development and the pressure on conservation takes manifold forms... Read more

Backyard Birding.. @home

For me birding commenced at home. In March 2015 when I was stashing away every saved penny to buy a professional video camera I noticed to my very pleasant surprise that a red cheeked bird started making an appearance on the window ledge of my home office... Read more

Interview with Praveen Bhargav, Wildlife First, Former Member – National Board for Wildlife Bangalore.

What is your reaction to the bail of a convicted wildlife offender – Salman Khan?... Read more

WORLD ELEPHANT DAY: What ails an Indian elephant?

One of the most powerful animals to walk this Earth, the majestic elephant has always been a symbol of national pride and integral to India’s rich culture and heritage. India owes its rich natural wealth to its majestic elephants... Read more

GOVT OF INDIA repatriates endangered sloth bear back to India with assistance from Wildlife SOS

In a unique patriotic move that indicates the seriousness with which the Govt. of India takes wildlife matters, an endangered sloth bear that had been smuggled into Nepal seven months ago is being repatriated back into India with assistance from NGO Wildlife SOS ( Read more

What is the point of bail after conviction that too in a wildlife crime?

22nd April every year is being marked as World Earth Day for the past two decades or so. Some would argue that it is another day for cynical lip service to causes like the Environment. The ground reality hardly ever changes despite the unparalleled reach and impact of electronic media that wires the entire world today... Read more

Elephant Crush Training Video

Never seen before footage: cruel elephant training process ‘the crush’ revealed [warning – explicit content] ... Read more

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