Bewildering Biodoversity


Biodiversity offers a genetic link to the planet’s evolution

Biodiversity is a term that gained currency only about two decades ago. Biodiversity refers to the diverse germ plasm of all life forms and is thus the very gene bank of all life forms on planet earth. This germ plasm offers incubation to agro and biological diversity zoological diversity, fish and medicinal plants diversity, orchids, marine life and quite literally everything other than man made.

Biodiversity are those genetic biotic inheritances that provide a genetic link in the annals of evolution between modern machine wielding Homo sapiens with the prehistoric life forms on planet Earth.

The most pertinent biodiversity in today’s day and age of climate change are those life forms that can save our souls in the aftermath of natural disasters and include mangroves, sea grasses, coral reefs, tropical and temperate forests, .

These bioshields may include mangrove and littoral forests, coral reefs undersea, sea grass in coastal areas, and endemic forest cover that occur naturally in a given Biome.

Biodiversity is defined in India’s Biodiversity Act of 2002 as “the variability among living organisms from all sources and the biological complexes of which they are a part and include diversity within species or between species and of ecosystem.” Biodiversity has the wherewithal to not just create life forms but to protect humanity from natural calamities aptly justifying the epithet eco technologies. The sustainability thereof is exemplified by new research which indicates that mangrove ecosystems can nurture cultivation of saline resistant varieties of rice – bringing food security to malnourished impoverished coastal denizens of the South – the most vulnerable communities in the day and age of Climate Change.

“Indigenous Peoples Lands Guard 80 Per Cent of World’s Biodiversity” available at grants an in-depth glance at sustainable options for biodiversity conservation.

How biodiversity provides food and livelihood security is articulated in this ( film by Malini Shankar made for Inter Press News Service (

Mangroves in the tropics also offer effective protection from cyclones, sea surge, storms, coastal incursion, the dreaded Tsunami, ground water depletion, indeed protection of ground water from salinity. Not just that, mangroves is the maternity ward for a wide variety of zoological diversity: Mammals like bears, tigers, civets, Monkeys, mongoose, deer, wolves, jackals, Pangolins, hyenas, reptiles like King Cobra, cobras, pythons, vipers, crocodiles, turtles, venomous varieties of frogs, a rich tapestry of feathered friends, and insect diversity have been documented by conservationists and foresters in India alone. Further in Indonesia, creatures like the Orangutan, as well as the Komodo dragon and reticulated python have dwelt in and around the rich mangrove and arboreal forests of the largest archipelago on Planet Earth.

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